Monday, October 13, 2014


The New Morality
The "Church" today has a new set of morals that all must follow or face the consequences. The top new rule on that list is to avoid any type of public criticism of a "Christian" leader or "Christian" denomination. It doesn't matter if the leader is spouting things that have been considered heretical since Paul penned Galatians; if you post a critical comment on Facebook, or tweet a warning on Twitter, you will be judged a slanderer of the brethren and deemed to be possessed by a critical spirit.

Criticism is now seen as a hate crime and will no longer be tolerated. "Live and let live!" is the motto of our day. If God wants to stop a false teacher, He has the power to do it without a critic making a bunch of noise and dividing the sheep. And if you really have an issue that you cannot ignore, you should follow the example of Matthew 18:15-17. Go to the person privately and follow the prescribed order laid out by Jesus. To do anything else is sinful, right?