Below you will find different resources to help people in both theology and missions.

These websites are helpful for mission minded people.  Some of them are Thailand specific.

Southeast Asia Reformed Network
Great Commission Ministries

The Centre
Joshua Project
Bible Gateway
Bible Suite
The Voice of the Martyrs
Thai Missions Library
Missions Training International
Training Leaders International
Asia Biblical Theological Seminary
Bangkok Bible Seminary
Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers)


Here are a few of the podcasts I like to listen to.  All of these focus on sound theology.  I'm still looking for a good podcast that focuses on world missions.  So let me know if you find one.  

The White Horse Inn

Renewing Your Mind
Fighting For The Faith
Mortification of Spin
No Compromise Radio
Thinking in Public

Research Papers
Here are some research papers that deal with missions and theology.  

Christian Tom Boon in Thailand