Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Every time I go home on furlough, which has been twice so far, the second thing I most look forward to is the food.  There are so many things I miss.  (A&W Cream Soda, Golden Grahams, Qdoba, etc)  When I finally make it back, my heart’s (or rather stomach’s) wildest desires have come true.  Instead of taking a step back and thinking about what I am doing, I tend to indulge.  When you take into account a busy schedule and the lack of exercise equipment that I have in the US, it is a recipe for disaster. 

They say that when freshman go off to university, they gain fifteen pounds.  It’s the “Freshman Fifteen.”  I really didn’t experience that, but I do believe in the “Furlough Fifteen.”  I’ve gone through it twice now and it usually takes me about a year to recover.  (i.e. lose the weight again)  I won’t have another furlough for a while, but I’m really hoping that I have learned from my past mistakes.  Maybe my wife can keep me accountable.  (She loves all that good stuff too!)  Maybe God will work a weight loss miracle.  Whatever the case, here’s hoping that future furlough number three will not be like the former two.  


  1. Cory, I also fell victim to this during our time in the States. How about these alternate names:

    - The Deputation Dozen (do other mission organizations call it "deputation"?)

    - The Stateside Seventeen (only works if you're from the US)

    - The Home Assignment ห้าสิบ (for those really long and indulgent furloughs)

    By the way, nice blog.

    1. Very clever! Don't worry, a year from now, you'll feel just like new!

  2. Hahahahhahahhahahhaha. So, is this a first world problem, or a third world problem?

    ... It is such a pain though. :)


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