Wednesday, December 4, 2013


For the readers who are interested in seeing what mission work looks like in Thailand, here is some information on the ministry we are a part of along with a few videos to watch. In June 2013, we joined with a Church planting team made up of Thais, Koreans, Filipinos, and Americans. On June 2, we opened up the Church of Blessing in Toong Sawang. Now we are a Church of about fifty people. Our mission is to bring the gospel message to the Toong Sawang community; seeing Jesus saving souls for His kingdom. We would be honored if you would pray with us in this endeavor.

A couple times a month we go to the Kham Tele So community bringing the gospel to a community that is in need of Jesus. This maybe a site for a future Church plant.

In October we ran and English camp for the children.

Also in October, the youth teamed up with iServe, reaching out to their community.

In November, we had a Thanksgiving celebration at the Church.

Hope you all enjoyed watching these videos. Keep praying for the people of Thailand.

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